Service as easy as 1-2-3

New customers always ask what to expect and here is a typical offering:

Step 1 – Design Concept

We meet with you to understand your requirements and then develop concept plans in response.   It is an important and iterative process that takes some time to arrive at the right concept that suits you.   In a phrase borrowed from the computer world: “Junk In = Junk Out”.  We are not used to thinking about it but a sound design will save you money through construction and also continue to save you money  and provide satisfaction through the operating life of the building.

Step 2 – Bid Documents

Once the concept design meets your approval we develop the drawings and specifications needed for building contractors to build the work and for code officials to review for construction permits.

Step 3 – Contractor Pricing & Construction

We can request quotes from contractors, receive the bids, and award the contract on your behalf.  During construction we make regular site visits to review the progress quality, address any issues, review bills for payment, and prepare deficiency lists for contractor completion.

Step 4 – Enjoy your product!

Okay, we did sneak up on you and add #4 in there.  Satisfaction is measured many ways; be it monetary, visual, aural, or other intangibles.  Bottom line is we want you to be happy!

Our Services

Space Measurements and Area Certificates

Design Briefs, Furniture and Equipment Inventories

Code Consulting & Building Issue Investigations

Space Planning & Conceptual Designs

3D computer models

Reports & Cost Estimating

Building Condition Assessments

Construction Drawings, Specifications, and Bid Documents

Construction Tendering

Construction Review Services