Work Style



Architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and other industry professionals are needed to complete many building projects. Our approach is always open, honest and reciprocal as relationships are the key to any successful collaborative project.


Darroch says “We are a pretty open office really; a project may have input from any number of us as it progresses. I am there to lead, mentor, provide oversight, and also ‘do’. Depending on the assignment others may lead it and do the lion’s share. At the end of the day though it comes back to my desk before finally going to the client.” We have clients and industry professionals who drop in just because they like to. We like that – it is very satisfying when people feel comfortable enough to be spontaneous and ‘swing by’.


We are satisfied when you are satisfied. A good design to us is one that is well rounded in providing both a sound technical solution while also presenting some design flair. “For truly good design there is no substitute for hours and experience” says Darroch “Think of it this way – we go through many options on paper so you only have to build one.”

“Every client has different needs and priorities so our work reflects that. It is their building after all when we are gone so they should feel that their needs are met. It is opposite to making every client fit your mold.


In this market the majority of our customers are seeking cost effective solutions that are lasting and look good. “We aim for that every day” says Darroch: “Your first conversation with us will be about scope and budget and we are generally quite budget driven. It is a waste of our time and yours to start somewhere else”.